Los Angeles, California Soft Story Earthquake Retrofits & Retrofitting

Soft Story Earthquake Retrofit & Seismic Retrofitting In Los Ageles, California

There are an estimated 19,000 soft story structures in Los Angeles, California alone; retrofitting these structures to become earthquake resistant buildings is in the process of becoming mandatory by LA City.

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On average there are 1,000 California earthquakes every year. Cities in the region are mandating that property owners earthquake proof their house to safeguard residents from harm. Mega Builders, Inc. has been called in many times to reinforce older Los Angeles, California soft story buildings via a seismic retrofit to bring them up to par with today’s far stricter building codes.
Each building must be individually evaluated. Mega Builders carefully inspects the building to isolate the most practical and cost efficient solution. Utilizing our decades of experience, we are able to design and engineer in a way that saves on the construction costs.

The most common solutions utilized: steel moment frames and plywood shear walls (strengthening existing walls), along with foundation repair, foundation bolt (enhancing the base), foundation reinforcement, wall reinforcement, beams reinforcing, and ceiling reinforcing. This adds the proper support that the structure will need against Los Angeles, CA seismic activity. As each property is unique, all retrofits must be customized for each building’s needs. Mega Builders will design, engineer, and acquire the permitting needed and retrofit the structure, all in-house.

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Answering Your Questions



In California the most common seismic retrofitting is a soft-story retrofit.  Weak wood frames are mostly seen in multifamily apartments, which is a common building design in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. Due to new seismic retrofit laws in the State of California, cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles have already started construction to revamp their building landscape. A couple other cities, like Santa Monica and West Hollywood, are rushing to start remodeling their industrial landscape as well.

Solutions: For soft-story retrofitting are steel special moment frames, cantilevered column solutions, or shear wall paneling.


non-ductile concrete buildings. As with multi-story buildings built pre 1978 before seismic codes were tightened; these buildings are made with reinforced concrete, but lack the steel reinforcement to handle a major seismic shock.

Solution: While there are several combinations of solutions for non-ductile concrete, steel beam installations and polymer fiber wrap solutions are often used to retrofit non-ductile concrete buildings.


URM construction is another form pre-seismic law construction that Los Angeles, California is currently preparing to rectify. Mostly seen in aged historic buildings, it has no metal or steel reinforcements at all and is only found within brick and mortars.

Solution: Center core / drill through the bricks vertically and thread rebar or steel through and pour back concrete to secure the hole.

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Mega Builders Inc, with our seismic retrofit services we are proud to be certified applicators of advanced earthquake retrofitting solutions especially proud in the case of advanced composite materials – fiber reinforced polymer (FRP).

  • Used to strengthen structures in the same manner as steel, but with an added benefit of composite materials weighing significantly less.
  • FRP systems can be used to strengthen reinforced concrete and unreinforced masonry walls.
  • This strengthening solution has been utilized in thousands of retrofits, reinforcement, and strengthening projects as it has proved to perform extremely well when combating earthquakes.

What are Shear Walls?

  • Shear Walls: Vertical-oriented wide beams that transfers lateral forces from exterior walls, floors, and roofs straight to the ground foundation.


  • Cantilever Columns: horizontal beam that is unsupported at its end. It is the vertical component to and that supports horizontal cantilever beams.


  • Moment Frames: a system of columns and beams that are connected to one another with fully and/or partially restrained connections.
  • Specialized moment frames are can withstand significant inelastic deformation as a result of lateral forces. They are used typically in mid or high-seismic regions and are significantly more expensive than other retrofitting options.


  • Destructive Testing: Determining design & structural weaknesses.
  • Resulting in a need to expose inner structures and connections.


  • Non-Destructive Testing: Evaluating materials and inner structures for vulnerabilities without causing damage to the structure.
  • Ground penetrating radar: Use of radio waves to scan concrete.
  • Concrete x-ray: Use of x-rays or gamma rays to imagine the interior of a target to identify any vulnerabilities or embedded objects.

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