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Soft Story Earthquake Retrofitting In Encino, California

We’ve been servicing Encino, California for over 21yrs retrofitting buildings and homes; making them structurally strong enough to withstand major earthquakes. Your home is your fortress, it keeps your family safe from the outside world & weather, but what if the foundation your home sits on isn’t?  A solid home rests sits on a solid foundation. Mega-Builders Inc. with our 21yrs of experience makes sure Encino, California earthquake retrofitting families are safe. One home at a time. If you own a home in Encino California, and want to protect your home investment & your family, you must take measures to insure your foundation’s integrity.  Earthquake safety should be a top priority, especially when you live in close proximity to an active fault-line. We at Mega-Builders Inc. perform the whole retrofit for you. From pre-construction & conception all the way through construction & reinforcement. We even make sure our Encino retrofits pass all retrofitting & building codes in Encino, California.

The Mandate Of Retrofitting In Encino, California

There are an estimated 19,000 soft story structures in Los Angeles alone; retrofitting these structures to become earthquake resistant buildings is in the process of becoming mandatory by LA City.

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On average there are 1,000 California earthquakes every year. Cities in the region are mandating that property owners earthquake proof their house to safeguard residents from harm. Mega-Builders, Inc. has been called in many times to reinforce older soft story buildings via a seismic retrofit to bring them up to par with today’s far stricter building codes.

Each building must be individually evaluated. Mega-Builders Inc. carefully inspects the building to isolate the most practical and cost efficient solution. Utilizing our decades of experience in California, we are able to design and engineer in a way that saves on the construction costs.

The most common solutions utilized: steel moment frames and plywood shear walls (strengthening existing walls), along with foundation repair & foundation bolt (enhancing the base). This adds the proper support that the structure will need against seismic activity. As each Encino , CA property is unique, all retrofits must be customized for each building’s needs. Mega-Builders Inc. will design, engineer,  and acquire the permitting needed and retrofit the structure, all in-house.

Our team is highly-qualified and has extensive experience with complex soft story retrofitting In Encino, California.

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