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Guest Post Guidelines

Content must be original, well written, and cannot be posted on other websites or blogs. However, you are welcomed to informing your readers to your guest post through your own site, social media, etc.

Pictures are encouraged but not required – when you submit your post please be sure to credit the photographer or source for your photo(s)

List Of Guidelines Are As Follows:

1) For any meticulous numbers (such as hard facts and figures) cite the source
2) Images must be cited to website / photographer (unless they came from a stock image type site – then no citation is needed)
3) Original content: can not be posted or submitted to other sites (but it can be a reworking of content you posted – we just like to make sure we pass all google plagiarism checks)
4) A link from your website to your guest post submission on our blog is required once the submission has gone live. Most guest bloggers give a small snippet of the post on their own blog with a link to the full guest post on our site so their readers can continue reading. (Also allows you to repurpose the beautiful content you submitted to us to be used for your own blog (albeit a snippet – still allows for google to see a regular update of your site’s content, as well as passing google plagiarism checks)

We look Forward to working with you and seeing the beautiful content you have to submit!