“I couldn’t BE happier with Mega builders. For almost a decade I had collected several quotes from contractors that exceeded my price range, just to put a roof on a small outdoor room. I finally met Belin Davidoff, and for having given me a quote for less than half the other estimate prices, I immediately hired him.  A month later, his crew had produced a glorious garden room. They worked around hitches in the process without charging extra, and everyone that came to work on the premises was so friendly and respectful.  This scored big points with me, as I’m a single mother and had dreaded the thought of strange men in my house.

Because I was so happy with their work, I was inspired to let them overhaul the rest of the house.  My house had a compartmentalized layout with a tiny shoebox of a kitchen that was completely transformed by opening everything up to a wide-open space that flushed with the high ceilings of the living room. They brought in a cabinet specialist who built and finished everything to my specifications, and didn’t seem to mind my micromanaging along the way about materials and placement. They built a new guest bath and installed skylights where I’ve always wanted, and gave me an unspeakably low price to replace my entire roof in the meantime.

Two years later, long after the work has finished, Belin still makes sure to take care of odds and ends when needed, free of charge.  Late one Saturday night when my smoke alarm was beeping loudly from a low battery (it was too tall to reach with my tallest ladder), he came to deal with it, despite having to drive almost an hour.

Mega builders are such a find. The prices are more than reasonable, and their work is just beautiful. I can’t wait to have them build my next home”

Jennifer Schweickert