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This is a series of research articles where we sit down with interior designers and dive head first into discussions to investigate the future of interior design and uncover the aesthetic journey homes will take in the future. Our mission is to discover what home design will look like in the coming years, what aspects will lead the way, and what attributes will be present in most homes. Effectively, putting you ahead of the curve to grasp and become familiar with emerging design schemes before they take-off – preparing your home be amongst the ranks of the LA’s most design forward.

The Future Of Design,

Welcome, Lori Dennis
With our first installment in the series where we sit down with Los Angeles interior designers shaking up the LA scene, we sat down with Lori Dennis and Courtney Porter, Media Manager, to pick their minds and discuss the future of the industry and what aspects they believe will definitely be a staple in most homes by the end of year. Effectively understanding from their viewpoint what aspects of interior design, or home builds, they’ve observed being utilized in most homes they’ve come across. Letting us get a glimpse into their world and understand what trends homeowners need to be on the look out for to elevate their homes to the next level.  


Where do you see Interior Design going for the next half of 2018? What’s the future?

Convenience, Versatility, Sustainability

Convenience, Versatility, Sustainability: These concepts are going to manifest aesthetically a few different ways.

3D Printing

“The first actual residential 3d homes are being printed right now – not just prototypes – and as that idea becomes more mainstream, one of the larger impacts that is going to have on the general public is an emphasis on quick, but sustainable design. Even Ikea is going to be completely recycled by 2019. Sustainability is definitely in the zeitgeist. You also see this happening in smaller ways everywhere: Like businesses vowing to eliminate plastic straws.”


What are 3 design trends that you believe people need to keep an eye on for 2018

Luxury Outdoors, Modern Farmhouses, Tech

The items with longevity are those you didn’t know you needed

Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

Lori – “Being located in Southern California, our firm works on a lot of indoor outdoor spaces and now more than ever. In just the last few years, durable textile technology has come SUCH a long way. It’s become increasingly difficult to differentiate outdoor-specific fabrics, furnishings, and lighting from indoor ones which makes it easier than ever to design luxurious outdoor kitchens and lounges as nice as those inside, that are built to last. This is great for encouraging homeowners to spend more time outdoors and it’s great for the environment.”

Modern Farmhouses

Lori – “The modern farmhouse trend is holding strong, in part because of its versatility. We’ll see less of the rustic, shabby chic elements of traditional farmhouses and more of the mixture with industrial and coastal elements.”

Built-in Tech

Lori – “Whatever the style of the space, we’re seeing more homeowners asking for built-ins that support function of spaces. Smart home tech is continuing to increase in popularity, but more than anything else, it’s not about novelty luxury tech. The items with longevity are those technologies you didn’t know you needed, until now. Security Systems, automated lighting… Not the technology equivalent of the formal dining room you use twice year at holidays, but rather those that make things more efficient. Things that are controllable by smartphone, for example, are great!”


lastly, what design trend do you see losing traction and that people need to just give up on by 2019?

Over-the-Top Boho Chic

It’s been very trendy, but it is too specific and doesn’t quite translate everywhere

Over-the-Top Boho Chic

“It’s been very trendy, but it is too specific and doesn’t quite translate everywhere. You’ll still see it in the actual Southwest, but unlike the modern farmhouse which we see infiltrating non-farm land, you’re going to see Southwestern/boho trends die down. Don’t get me wrong, I love touches of global inspiration done in a subtle way or as a special detail or single wow moment – especially set against a clean background.   It’s the layers of macrame, shag, pattern on pattern on pattern, and plants all over the house that starts to feel like you’re being suffocated in your own home, with nowhere to rest the eye. Above all else it’s the thought of dust collecting on everything that makes me want to run! This is a ‘trend’ that is certainly on its way out.


We Couldn’t Agree With You Anymore!

The Heart Of California

To be effortlessly timeless

Definitely would have to agree with you Lori. That’s the heart of California to be effortlessly timeless. Which goes back to what you said about bohemian styled homes, and luxurious outdoor spaces. 

Over-the-Top Boho Chic

Just like you said, we like it too, when executed right. Often times as homeowners try to make their bohemian styled homes stand out from the crowd they get lost and forget the reason they re-styled their homes in the first place.”

“To look better!”

And while they forget this very reason they just keep on adding and adding more elements thinking they mesh together when in reality… it just begins to look like storage center… We love this boho chic like the next person, when done right, but when done wrong – it can get wrong fast. We often think people forget the first rule. Less is more. So boho chic can definitely be a style left in the past. If not that, this style needs a renovations of its own. As we all know, new styles are born from old ones or the mixture their of – so we’ll be on the look out for the next iteration or evolution of boho chic that can make a right turn where boho went left.

Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

Lori Dennis – blue jay residence
We live in the state that is known for it’s natural and constructed beauty. Now, embracing the beauty of California no longer means you have to leave your home, as homeowners are now turning unused outdoor spaces into elegant and lux additions to their homes. Going off what you said, we have also noticed homeowners starting to find ways to incorporate the natural beauty of the world into their homes. Reconstructing and remodeling outdoor spaces to have a marvelous aesthetic has been one of the many requests we’ve received here at Mega Builders Inc with the turn of the year. You hit the nail on the head! We can definitely agree with you and say, in the coming years we see a majority of homeowners opting for luxurious upgrades to their outdoor spaces as this will be the mark of elegant homes. At which point, they will no longer be seen as just an extension of the home, but will soon be as much a part of the home as the family room or kitchen is. As this time goes by, these renovations, as well as exterior redecorations, will be the norm and be a part of every home across the US.
And that concludes our first article in the series where we explore the evolution of interior design and the route homes will take in the future. We want to thank Lori Dennis for being a part of this series and sitting down with us to discuss and map out how the near future will look and route towards progression homes will take; and also congratulate her with the “Leadership in thought and future development of interior design” award as she is one of the interior designers shaking up the LA, California scene and was chosen to take part in the conversation of what the future holds.


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