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This is a series of research articles where we sit down with interior designers and dive head first into discussions to investigate the future of interior design and uncover the aesthetic journey homes will take in the future. Our mission is to discover what home design will look like in the coming years, what aspects will lead the way, and what attributes will be present in most homes. Effectively, putting you ahead of the curve to grasp and become familiar with emerging design schemes before they take-off – preparing your home be amongst the ranks of the LA’s most design forward.

The Future Of Design,

Welcome, Gabriela & Holly
With our second installment in the series where we sit down with Los Angeles interior designers shaking up the LA scene, we had the chance to sit down with Gabriela Eisenhart and Holly Conlan of Wake + Loom to pick their minds and discuss the future of the home design and what aspects they believe will be widely seen in most homes by the end of 2019. Effectively understanding from their viewpoint what aspects of interior design they’ve seen make its way into the spotlight and be incorporated into most homes they’ve come across. Helping us understand how the future of home design may look and what trends homeowners need to be on the look out for to elevate their homes to the next level before these trends become mainstream – making the reader amongst the ranks of the most innovative style forward.


Where do you see Interior Design going for the this half of 2018? What’s the future? How will it look?

Art Deco

We see things moving from the mid century shapes and taking a turn toward the 1970’s

Art Deco

“We see things moving from the mid century shapes and taking a turn toward the 1970’s, as well as more art deco inspired styles.  Probably a shift from more minimal styles to a bit of a more ornate vibe.


What 3 design trends will take over the industry and be seen in most homes by the end of 2019?

Richer Colors, Raw Materials, Art Deco

Richer Paint Colors

“We’re seeing shift toward richer paint colors and less light whites and greys.

Raw Materials

“In terms of renovations we’re seeing more raw materials and raw surfaces… brushed metals, honed stones and muted wood tones like oak.”

Art Deco

“Less mid century lines and more art deco styles in terms of furniture and lighting.


lastly, what needs to Finally be put to rest? What is #1 that homeowners and interior designers need to give up on for the coming year?



it’s time to start mixing it in with other styles


“We would love to see Shiplap go away.  We’re also tired of all the mudcloth everything – it’s been overused.  We’re also a little tired of the overuse of midcentury furniture – it’s fine to use, but it’s time to start mixing it in with other styles.


Letting the old mix with the new

Sometimes reinventing the old is what’s best

With the incorporation of richer colors we too see new plays on the original white and grey

We love that you’ve mentioned the topic of revamping colors and natural aesthetics. Using a new palette that takes on the same purpose of colors we see every day is a way to revamp your home’s aesthetic vibe, while adding some decor from the outside brings in a sense of grounding we sometimes miss when styling our homes.

A New Spin On Old Colors

With the incorporation of richer colors we too see new plays on the original white and grey. As in one of our posts where we talked about 10 of the boldest design trends for 2018, we briefly touched upon new colors being incorporated into the home that take on the same on the job as the commonplace color schemes. As in your picture, the main color of the room being a faint pink accentuated with like colors definitely takes on the same role as the everyday white while breathing a new air of life into homes. Just as white, these ultra-light colors allow for the room to open-up and become large. Giving an average sized room the same feel as that of one more spacious; while allowing for a new play on colors to be had.

Natural Aesthetics

Just as you said, Wake + Loom, we too have noticed this trend strongly make it’s way into the spotlight. Incorporating plants, wood, and authentic stones into the home does bring in a sense of grounding. Not only bringing a new realm of aesthetics into the home, but it also gives the homeowner a needed connection to the outside world. We’ve often seen a lot of home owners opt out of re-painting plaster walls and instead incorporate styled wooden walls into their home for this very same reason. While the natural walling of some homes is ready to be exposed and given a nice shine simply due to how its beauty and construction – other homes are sadly not. Usually behind the plaster lies simple wooden slabs, bricks, and metal placed for structural reasons – as is the case, when building homes most architects and home builders don’t intend for what’s inside the walls holding the house up to be seen. So, to all home owners that want that natural look in their homes with wooden or stone walls you would need to have it inspected to make sure that wall is safe to be taken down and then replaced with a wooden or stone wall made for aesthetics and structure. On the other hand, if the wall can’t come down home owners in this situation would need just cover the already existing wall in the desired natural material.
And that concludes our second article in the series to explore the evolution of interior design and the route homes will take in the future. We want to thank Wake + Loom for taking part in this road towards discovery and helping us map out how the near future will look and what route, in evolution, homes will take on. We also congratulate Wake + Loom with the “Leadership in thought and future development of interior design” award as they are one of the interior designers shaking up the LA, California scene and were subsequently chosen to take part in the conversation of what the future holds.


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