Top 7 Home Renovations For 2018

A must read before you even begin to think about renovating your home. Sure to take your home to the next level and have you sitting in the lap of luxury. If you thought you knew home renovations just wait until you check these out!  

Top 7 Home Renovations For 2018

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Thinking of remodeling your home or adding some extra features but just don’t know what to do?

Here is a must read list of our top 7 home renovation for 2018. You don’t want to begin your next renovation project without checking out the list below.

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1) bathroom remodel

Starting off the list with one of the most common and well known renovations is the bathroom remodel. One of elegance, functionality and leisure, the bathroom remodel allows for the homeowner to upgrade their way of living and come into a realm of luxury. Effortlessly creating an in-home spa to hideout and get-away from all the stress faced throughout the day. Bathroom remodels allow you to show of your design skills and have the dream bathroom you always wanted. Easy remodels to start with: New Tub (or re-glaze your old tub to make it look brand new), updating tiles, floor,  walls, toilet, sink, vanity, and fixtures. On average for those looking to sell: a bathroom remodel holds a whopping 102% ROI Image of Michael Bay’s LA bathroom into wet room remodel

2) turning a backyard into a pool

Most home owners are beginning to put their unused backyard space to use. With good intentions too if we might add! Even if you aren’t the most design and aesthetically gifted this grandiose renovation (amongst other home remodels done for aesthetic purposes) can still be achieved. For those who ARE design challenged but always wanted a beautiful home, your dreams can still be realized (here at Mega Builders Inc we work with a full line-up of the best interior designers in LA to help your home dreams be fully realized). Going back to turning your backyard into a pool, backyard conversions are one of the best ways to make use of unused space on your property. Especially with terms of turning your backyard into a full oasis / stay-cation spot for you to sneak away to relax to. Not to mention it also makes your next party one to remember.

3) kitchen remodel

For those looking to sell: a gorgeous kitchen remodel escalates the value of your home and pushes your asking price (and just over all worth) into a new bracket. At the same time being a fantastic sales magnet – making buyers more inclined to pick your house. Leading to it selling fast. For overall ROI on just the kitchen remodel itself, kitchen remodels usually hold a 95% ROI. For those not interested in selling a home: a kitchen remodel allows you to bring one of the biggest rooms in your home into the 21st century. A definite stop on the road to revamping your home. Allowing you to have kitchen that fits into the trend of the “modern kitchen”. Modern Kitchen: A status symbol; breaking from the norm, kitchens are nor becoming rooms of artistic expression. Standing out to reflect your character in its design, they give you a unique kitchen; one that mimics your very personality. These are the kitchens of the 21st century – allowing your creative nature and self expression to shine.

4) exterior design

Way too often do we all focus on the interior design of a home, leading us to neglect the exterior design…. Why though? This is the first impression you and your home make on the outside world. Setting the expectation for what’s to come and those that live inside. or maybe that’s the purpose? to set expectations low, then go above and beyond and make their jaws drop when they step foot inside?…. nope, we think way too often people just forget about the exterior. Don’t forget about your home’s exterior and the first impression it leaves. If you made your interior a place of magic and creative dreams, do the same for you exterior and have a home that fully coincides with itself. Keep in mind every aspect of your home’s exterior design from the actual exterior of the home itself, design scheme, decor and furnishings, walk-way, surrounding landscape, and how you incorporate nature.  Image by Lake|Flato Architects of Arizona Photography by: Timmerman Photography

5) Modern Contemporary Home Architecture

Stemming from #4, this fusion is born of the modern and contemporary styles of architecture. (Yes, by pure definition they are slightly different. “Modern home architecture” was born in the 20th century as a way to break from the architecture styles of the period; while “contemporary” came at a later date as way to think of the FUTURE of design and create drastically alternative artistic styles. Thus modern contemporary was born being a fusion of the two and incorporating the best aspects.) So mostly, this would be for those who are heavy into the art world and want to reflect that interest in their homes. Turning them into art pieces themselves. Ways to accomplish: total remodeling of an old home from the ground up or a new build out and construction of a new property.

6) 2nd floor additions

Build up VS Building out

2nd story additions are one of the most perfect ways to increase your square footage without taking up more space than you were originally allocated. At the same time of increasing space in your home, building up allows you to drastically increase property value as you will more than likely be adding a couple extra rooms to home or lounge areas. In addition, you’ll also be giving the eye more to absorb as you’ll create the impression of a more grand and luxurious home. All in all, adding extra floors to your home allows you let loose your design initiatives and fulfill your dreams of an exuberant home that were stunted by a limited amount of space.

7) attic conversion

Finally we arrive at #7. The heavy hitter. Not many think of an open space bedroom when attic conversions are mentioned. Many tend to think of tight knit spaces turned bedrooms with the ceiling nearly touchable when thinking of attic bedrooms. But if done right this bedroom addition can create one of the most elegant rooms in your home. Even if you do have a tight knit attic space – you can always make your new room bigger by having your contractor perform an expansion. Adding a feeling of mysticism and calmness, consider placing large open view windows in the room – creating a feeling of peace and tranquility on those rainy days and nights… To be honest if you really put your all into this room you’ll love it more than your current bedroom and may even want this to be your master bedroom.


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